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Trader's Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

As you probably already know your lifestyle can play a big role in your trading success. Unfortunately, the stereotype of a typical trader is someone with a larger-than-life ego. Someone whom actions are only motivated by greed and is trading to attain a lavish lifestyle.

However, this stereotype could not be furthest from the truth and is primarily an image painted by Hollywood and as of recently social media, simply because this is the image that sells and grabs attention.

A successful and a competent trader is someone who is completely in control of their mind and emotions, someone with an extreme sense of patience and discipline. A successful and consistent trader primarily trades for the love of the game and understands that paying close attention to their body, mind and emotions is very important in determining their ultimate success as a trader. If you don’t even know how real traders are really like, then how can you possibly decide if you want to strive to become one!?

Many traders are typically introverted, low profile and potentially perceived by many as nerds! They are usually busy optimizing their trading system or designing a new one and dedicate most of their time to becoming better traders! That is probably most don’t even have an active social media account!

As I have said before,

I’m here to destroy all the delusions and prejudices people have towards traders and paint a more accurate picture of how a real trader conducts his/her life. 

I have deiced to divide this section of my site into two categories of body and mind!

It should be pretty clear why your mind plays an important role in your trading success because you simply make your trading decisions with your mind and intellect. So how about your body? What is the relevance of that in trading? The body and the mind are inseparable. Your body can determine how your mind functions and vice versa.

One of the most important traits of a successful trader is discipline and if that is something you are missing in your life, it would be reasonable to assume that your chances of success in trading are close to zero! As a result, I have decided to provide you with lots of content that will help you to develop discipline! Before you can even start training your mind, you need to make sure that your body is functioning at its best. Therefore, having a consistent morning and nightly ritual, exercise routine and paying close attention to your nutrition are absolutely critical.

In addition, you need to learn how to use your thoughts and emotions to your advantage. Therefore, I have decided to provide you with lots of content to help you develop the emotional stability that is required to become a successful trader.


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