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I have decided to offer all the educational content on my site for FREE!


As you can probably tell by my posts and articles, I’m a not necessarily an advocate of the market efficient hypothesis which, suggests that all price movements in the financial markets are random. I believe that although financial markets might be getting more efficient with the continued advancement in the information technology, crowd behavior remains largely inefficient and there are always trading opportunities to exploit.


Unfortunately, this inefficient crowd behavior that is rooted in human beings results in the vast majority of traders losing their capital to a small group of experienced and competent market participants. As I said, I’m not an advocate of the efficient market hypothesis but I certainly do hope for a time when markets and more importantly their participants become more efficient. That way the majority of traders and investors can enjoy a healthy and consistent return on their capital and benefit from participating in the market. Therefore, I want to contribute to this cause and help financial markets and their participants become more efficient and I want to do that by offering FREE education to anyone willing to strive and learn.


Trading the financial markets is one of the most difficult intellectual endeavors one can pursue! I have endured many years of darkness and frustration on a path to becoming a professional trader and I’m really eager and motivated to share everything I have learned on my journey. I will be primarily focusing on providing content on technical analysis, money management, risk control, trading psychology, use of leveraged products such as options and futures and much more.

I’m not here to offer you solace and wish you good luck on your trades and investments. I’m here to destroy all the delusions one might have about the game of trading and make you completely responsible for your trading success. If you want to get lucky go to your nearest casino but if you want to be in charge of your own destiny and strive towards your financial freedom, you are at the right place! Let’s see if you have what it takes to become a super-trader one day!



For now check out this article: “Understand the game before you play it”

  • Learn about different styles of trading

  • Learn about different financial markets

  • Understand basic market dynamics

  • Fundamental analysis vs technical analysis

  • Create a proper trading setup and watchlist

  • Free articles

  • Exclusive Trade Ideas

  • Candlesticks Charting

  • Time frames of technical analysis 

  • Support and resistance

  • Trendlines

  • Moving Averages

  • Technical indicators

  • Chart patterns

  • Learn about money management and risk control.

  • Diversification and portfolio creation

  • Risk management

  • Trading psychology

  • Developing a basic trading system

  • Reading books or listening to audiobooks should be a part of any trader’s daily routine. Here you will find my own reviews of books that any aspiring trader must read.

  • Defining options and their parameters

  • Basic strategies for trading calls and puts

  • Hedging strategies using options

  • Income generation strategies using options

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Don't trade alone!

Every Monday morning you will be getting a digital magazine that includes my own analysis and outlook for the overall market and major commodities and specific long-term and short-term trade ideas with their respective stocks and options strategies for $9.99/month.

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