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You don’t need to trade alone! Every Monday morning you will be getting a digital magazine that includes my own analysis and outlook for the overall market and major commodities and specific long-term and short-term trade ideas with their respective stocks and options strategies JUST for $9.99 USD/month.

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Learn how a professional trader conducts his/her day-to-day life and master your own body, mind and emotions

The body and the mind are inseparable, and your body can determine how your mind functions. Learn how to develop discipline and take care of your body to become a better trader!


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Trading can be expensive but learning how to trade shouldn’t cost a thing! Trading and educating aspiring traders are my passions and I want to share with you a multitude of lessons on topics such as technical analysis, money management, risk control, trading psychology and options trading.

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"Rule No.1: Never lose money.
Rule No.2: Never forget rule No. 1" -
Warren Buffet

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Dear market participants

This is what trading means to me

My name is Ali. I’m a stock market technician and an options trader. My goal is not to sell you another “24-step guide to becoming a profitable trader package” or: an “automated system that gives you entry and exit signals”. I have endured many years of pain and hardship on a path to becoming a professional trader. My goal is not to promote the idea that anybody can do this job! Because that would be furthest from the truth. Yes, anybody can place trades but truly ask yourself how many professional traders do you personally know that earn a living from trading? Probably not many. Learning how to become a profitable trader is one of the most difficult intellectual pursuits man has ever encountered! which, requires some level of mastery over your body and mind. Two words that perfectly describe a successful trader are patience and discipline. My goal is to inspire aspiring traders, particularly the younger generation to try to achieve mastery over their body and mind and maybe one day become a super star trader! Let’s be honest, financial freedom and gaining control over your “self” are both requirements of living a joyful life!


Yours truly,


-Ali Shabani, CMT

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